Tuscany Station

As part of the extension of the Northwest LRT Line (Red Line), Tuscany Station opened for operation on Aug. 25. The addition of Tuscany Station brings the total number of CTrain stations to 45. Its the ninth station on the northwest portion of the Red Line and marks the fourth extension of the Red Line (Brentwood in 1990, Dalhousie in 2003 and Crowfoot in 2009). Weve added 2.5 km of track and customers will find it takes about three minutes to get from Crowfoot Station to Tuscany Station.

Bus service

We consulted with customers about how the system should operate and based on their feedback, weve added one new bus route and altered existing routes to make the system as convenient as possible in the northwest area. With around 40,000 residents living in the communities of Rocky Ridge, Royal Oak and Tuscany, we anticipate well be adding around 9,300 more passenger trips on weekdays.

  • Route 157 will service Royal Oak Drive and is extended to increase service coverage to the Royal Vista area of 100 Avenue N.W.
  • Route 58 has been change to Route 169.
  • Routes 74, 158, 169 and 174 have been revised to service Tuscany Station and will no longer be going to Crowfoot Station.

Tuscany Station Rider's Guide

Tuscany Station

Tuscany Platform

Inside Tuscany Station

Bus Route Map

Getting to Tuscany Station

In addition to taking the bus, residents surrounding the Tuscany CTrain station have the benefit of conveniently walking or cycling to the CTrain station and bus terminal. At most, residents in the communities of Tuscany, Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak will have an enjoyable 30-minute walk or 15-minute cycle time.

Two bicycle shelters are located at Tuscany Station one on the Rocky Ridge side and one on the Tuscany side. In each shelter, there are six bike racks for bikes to lock to for a total of about 12-15 bikes per shelter.

Park and Ride
The Tuscany CTrain Station has two Park and Ride lots one on the Rocky Ridge side and one on the Tuscany side. In total, there are 572 stalls with 107 stalls allocated for reserved parking in the north lot (Rocky Ridge side) and 179 stalls allocated for reserved parking in the south lot (Tuscany side).

For more on reserved parking and to sign up for the reserved parking waitlist, click here.

For more information on the design and features of Tuscany Station, see Calgary.ca/nwlrt.

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