We measure customer ratings of helpfulness for Calgary Transit and Calgary Transit Access separately.

Where we’re at (Calgary Transit)

CT Helpful Rating

As of 2015, customers rate the helpfulness of our operators, peace officers, customer service and call centre staff at 73%. Our target is to reach a satisfaction rating between 80-85% by 2018. 

Where we’re at (Calgary Transit Access)

Helpful rating for Calgary Transit Access

As of 2015, customers rate our helpfulness at 92%. This consists of customer ratings for booking agents, the customer service line, and drivers helping customers to and from vehicles. Our target is to reach a satisfaction rating of 95% by 2018.

What we're working on

We’ve identified the following actions as top priorities for improving helpfulness:

  • Place a higher emphasis on customer service skills in the hiring and recruitment process.
  • Invest in more customer service training for our employees.
  • Introduce a Calgary Transit Access online booking system by the end of 2016.
  • Provide Calgary Transit Access customers an enhanced way to submit feedback online.

What we’ve done

In 2015 we did the following to increase helpfulness:

  • Worked with our employees to enhance customer service skills through various programs. For example, Operators attended refresher courses on customer service and safety.
  • Participated in the City’s new Fair Entry program, creating a single-entry point for low income Calgarians to access five subsidy programs, including low income transit passes.
  • Provided travel training camps for youth with disabilities to teach them how to use the transit system independently.
  • Worked with Customer Advisory Committees for both Calgary Transit and Calgary Transit Access. The committees are made up of users of the service who meet regularly to provide us with input and advice to enhance the customer experience on the transit system.