Planning ahead and knowing your bus schedule can help cut down on waiting time. Here are a few important things to know while waiting for your bus or CTrain.

Unplanned disruptions

Just like your personal vehicle, our buses can be impacted by traffic, a detour, a traffic accident or mechanical breakdown. Our CTrains can be delayed by mechanical breakdown, passenger emergency situations, and passenger boarding delays. Our Operations Control Centre is in direct and continuous contact with all operators to help aid in any unforeseen circumstances that may arise while on route.  Our website alert banner, twitter feedTransit App and service updates help get you information about why your CTrain or bus is delayed.


At our platforms we have advance passenger information signs that provide you with information about planned closures, disruptions and when your next CTrain will be arriving.

Bus Shelters

These help provide you with protection from the weather elements while you are waiting for the bus or CTrain. Some platforms and bus terminals are equipped with heated shelters that provide extra warmth for your comfort during our cold winter months.

Safety for while you wait

For your travel safety there are a few things to keep in mind when using the system and many things that we offer to help keep you safe. For more information on safety, check our Safety and Security page.

Stand behind the yellow line

All our platforms have a thick yellow line that runs the length of the platform. This yellow line serves more than just beauty! When you are waiting for the CTrain to arrive, it is important that you stand well back from the yellow line. This ensures that when the CTrain arrives and exits the station you are a safe distance from the CTrain and the edge to the tracks.

Bells, lights and gate arm

When approaching any track crossing at a road or sidewalk the bells, lights and gate arms will let you know that a CTrain is about to pass this intersection. It’s important to follow these signals by safely stopping and waiting for the CTrain to pass, the gate arms to raise fully and the bells and lights to turn off before proceeding through the intersection.

Help phones

Our CTrain platforms and CTrains are equipped with help phones that can be used to put you in touch with our employees who can assist you if you need help.