Accessing the system can be as easy as walking a few blocks, cycling to the nearest CTrain station or utilizing our Park and Ride lots.  However you choose to access transit, we have you covered.


If your stop is a walking distance away, take this opportunity to take advantage of our conveniently located stops and use this additional exercise to add to your daily calorie busting activities.


If your final destination is too far to walk to, try cycling to it. If it’s too far to cycle, ride your bike to one of our CTrain Stations and take the CTrain.  

Park and Ride

Not into walking or cycling? We do have options for those who like their vehicle, yet still want to incorporate public transit into their travels. Our 30 Park and Ride lots offer you the option to take your car to access the bus or CTrain. Having troubles finding a spot during the rush hour? We have a monthly reservation system at CTrain Station lots that allows you to pay a monthly fee to reserve a guaranteed parking spot.