Riding public transit is beneficial in many ways. Economically, it’s cost effective - especially with increasing fuel prices. It also reduces your stress levels – someone else is driving. And, it goes a long way toward helping our environment – it conserves natural resources, reduces air pollution and harmful ozone levels. Public transit also reduces wear and tear on our city streets and cuts down on traffic. When it comes to our environment, riding public transit makes a big difference.

How Public Transit Helps Conserve Energy:

  • The fuel efficiency of a fully occupied bus is six times greater than that of the average single-occupant car.
  • A single bus can carry as many people as 41 cars; with emissions per passenger-kilometre close to one quarter the level of cars.
  • Our buses are clean-burning, use premium quality low sulphur diesel fuel and have maintenance performed on them regularly.
  •  A three-car CTrain can carry over 600 passengers, equal to 545 private vehicle trips. And the great thing about your CTrain is it’s powered by wind. This initiative made Calgary the first wind-powered public transit system in North America and reduced CO2 emissions by over 56,000 tonnes in 2012.

How Public Transit Helps Reduce Air Pollution:

  • For each kilometre traveled, fewer pollutants are emitted by transit vehicles than by a single-passenger automobile (buses emit 80% less carbon monoxide than a car).
  • Buses emit only 10% as many hydrocarbons per passenger kilometre as a single-occupant auto (hydrocarbons are VOCs – an ozone precursor).
  • Buses emit only 75% as many nitrogen oxides (another ozone precursor) per passenger kilometre as a single-occupant auto.

Clearly, riding public transit throughout the year makes a big difference in our air quality and use of natural resources. Ride public transit. It’s the smart and healthy way to go!