Please note Calgary’s post-secondary institutions have opted out of the UPass program for the fall 2020 semester, so the UPass is unavailable. Be sure to check back with your school for information about the UPass for future semesters. In the meantime, please purchase regular adult fare.

We have teamed up with post secondary schools in Calgary to offer students a reduced fare based on a four month semester. The premise of UPass is that we would collect the same amount of fare revenue from a universal charge to all students as it would if individual students were to purchase an adult monthly pass. The UPass is currently available for post secondary students at five major schools in Calgary: SAIT, AUA, University of Calgary, Mount Royal University and St. Mary's University.

Conditions of Use

The participant's identification card with valid UPass sticker MUST be carried at all times when riding transit and must be presented to the bus operator when boarding the bus or to Peace Officers upon request while on transit.

The UPass is not transferable and may only be used by the participant whose name and photo appear on the identification card.

The UPass participant is responsible for knowing the effective dates of their program and to ensure that they have a valid identification card with sticker on their possession.

Information on valid dates is available on campus advertising or the institution's web-site. If you have any questions, you should contact the Registrar's office at your institution.