Application transitioning to Fair Entry

The Low Income Seniors Yearly Pass is being added to the Fair Entry single application process. The City is working with low-income seniors, seniors service providers and seniors advocacy groups to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Pricing is listed on our fares page.

How to apply through Fair Entry

In order to access to the Low Income Seniors Yearly Pass, applicants must be approved by Fair Entry. As part of your application, you will need to prove your income. For application information please visit Fair Entry.

If you have already completed the renewal process, you can purchase your new senior annual pass in person, if you’d like, or:

  • Online:
  • Mail your cheque payment to:
    • Calgary Transit Tickets and Passes
      Mail Code SG166
      PO Box 2100 Stn M
      Calgary AB T2P 2M5

What does Fair Entry mean for the Low-Income Seniors Yearly Pass?

The most significant change is a switch to single reapplication date occurring on either your Fair Entry expiration date or your birth month. This is determined by whether you are an existing Fair Entry customer or not.

What are the benefits of the Fair Entry application system?

This change has several advantages for Calgarians:

  • It will speed up application processing times because renewals happen throughout the year.
  • It will decrease wait times for customers applying in person.
  • Easier access to City subsidized programs and services
  • Shorter wait times for application approval
  • Additional ways to submit applications forms

When does this go into effect?

Current passes expire on June 30, 2017, but pass holders can reapply and purchase their new pass starting in January 2017. This will bring the expiration to either the customers’ birth month or fair entry expiration date in 2018. 

During the transition year, customers will have the option to buy a pass that may be more or less than 12 months depending on either the customer’s birth month or fair entry expiration date. From 2018 onward, customers will reapply on either their birth month or fair entry expiration date and purchase the usual 12-month (annual) pass.

To make up for the months before and after the former June 30 expiry date, the cost of your 2017 pass will be scaled to your birth month or fair entry expiration date.

If your birthday or fair entry expiration date is before June, your pass is priced a little bit less in 2017 only.

If your birthday is after June or fair entry expiration date, your pass is priced a little bit more in 2017 only.

Please note, this is a one-time transition. Your pass will start expiring on your birth month or fair entry expiration date in 2018.

If you have already been accepted in the Fair Entry program, find out where you can buy your pass.

The pass cannot be used for Calgary Transit Access services.  You may be eligible for a Low Income Monthly Pass.  For more information on how to apply, visit Fair Entry. Download the Fair Entry application form.