We have made the decision not to move ahead with our Electronic Fare Collection (EFC)  system (Connect).

Recent testing identified reliability issues with the EFC system and the supplier Schneider Electric (Telvent), has now stated they will not be able to meet the agreed reliability targets for the system.

We know that customers really wanted the convenience of a smart card, but we did not want to launch a system that was not reliable and might fail.

Since the system deals with customer funds it needs to be reliable.

About $5 million has been spent but we will attempt to recover those costs from the vendor.

Currently, there are no plans for us to explore another electronic fare collection system but as technology continues to change and advances rapidly, we will continue to research and monitor advances in the field to determine the best options for moving forward.

Improving the customer experience and making it easier to ride the system is a priority for us.

We want to thank you for your understanding and will keep you posted with any further updates as we move forward.