Jack Altenhofen Jack is a passionate volunteer and advocate for safe and sustainable urban design and transportation choice. You can often find him at City Council and community engagement events, or enjoying a good cup of tea.
Amanda Berjian Amanda is a social worker and manager with a background in the non-profit and health sectors.  She has never learned to drive and has always relied on public transit as her primary mode of transportation.  Amanda is proud of Calgary's low-income transit subsidies and is passionate about continuing to work towards greater transit equity and safety for all users.  
Paul Bushell Paul Bushell is a born and raised in Calgary professional who uses transit as one of his transportation methods. Being a transit user with a disability, his interest is in helping make the transit experience enjoyable for all.
Tammy Dasti-Fisher Tammy Dasti-Fisher emigrated to Calgary from Ontario in 2013.  She holds three degrees, including two post-graduate degrees and is happy to use her critical thinking and analytical skills to help improve transit for everyone.  
Tove Engebretsen Tove is a senior and has used transit in many cities.  She no longer owns a car, and appreciates that Calgary Transit attempts to build teams and connections to optimize its resources and services for the benefit of transit users and Calgary.
Rob Ferguson Rob recently retired after a 35 year career with Federal public service.  He relied on transit to commute to work for the majority of his career and now uses transit to attend events and volunteer commitments. 
Danny Haines Danny is a Civil Engineering Master's student at the University of Calgary. By combining transit and cycling he’s able to get around the city without relying on a car. He's interested in improving transportation options to build a sustainable, accessible and equitable Calgary.
Lillian Hutchison Lily is an oil and gas professional who rides the express bus twice daily to and from downtown, and sometimes taking the train as an alternative. She holds a particular interest in the overall customer experience and customer safety.
Jason Montgomery Jason is an accountant who rides the bus almost every day.  Jason has a particular interest in electronic fares for enhancing the customer experience, and enjoys not having the expense of a car.
Laird Munro Laird is a senior professional who is passionate about how and why organizations create and maintain relationships with their customers and employees.  A daily LRT user from the west side of the city, Laird and all 4 of his teenage or older children use transit for its convenience and efficiency.  As part of the Customer Advisory Group, Laird wants to help provide Calgary Transit with insight into how to improve Calgarian's use and perception of transit service.
Glen Ong Glen Ong is a practicing optometrist in the City of Calgary. He brings extensive experience with other transit agencies and understands the need to provide good quality customer service.
Wesly Ramage Wes travels with a guide dog named Simmons.  They are frequent users of public transit and rely on the greater accessibility the service provides in the community daily.   It allows them to complete tasks such as grocery shopping, doctor appointments and other events. With thoughtful development, security, and planning Wes and Simmons travel safely on a daily basis.
Rupinder Toor Rupinder is a medical doctor who is aspiring to become a minimalist.  She is flirting with the idea of getting rid of her car and using a variety of alternate forms of transportation instead.  She loves the walking, sharing and community feeling of public transportation.
Matthew Yeung Matthew is a student highly invested in improving the transit experience in the NW and he hopes to be able to advocate for students and workers travelling within the NW HUB. He rides both on buses and trains at all times of day, and is always looking at ways to improve Calgary Transit.
Gord Wilson Gordon is a business professional who currently uses transit 5 times a week.  He recently moved from Vancouver and enjoys the frequency and cost effectiveness of transit in Calgary.  He has a keen interest in making transit more user friendly and enjoyable for all people who use it.