The Calgary Transit Customer Advisory Group (CTCAG) was formed in late 2011. A new group has formed for the ​2018 – 2019 term.

The purpose of the group is to provide Calgary Transit with insights and advice to improve the customer experience and the relationship with customers. A secondary purpose is to share the CTCAG point of view with other groups and citizens including Council and Committees.

CTCAG’s feedback may be incorporated into Calgary Transit’s decisions and policies, and may influence the way Calgary Transit operates in order to improve customers’ experience. By improving the customers’ experience, we’ll make citizens’ lives better every day, and make Calgary a great place to make a life.

The members meet eight times a year as needed to discuss topics that affect all areas of our customers’ journey on transit, including the six qualities of service as identified in the Calgary Transit’s Customer Commitment: safe, reliable, helpful, informative, easy to use and clean.

See the terms of reference for more information