If you plan to be away for any length of time, you can temporarily pause your subscription trips by adding a trip interruption. Subscription trips can be paused for a maximum of four weeks (28 days).

  • To view your subscription trip bookings, click on "My Trips" then "Subscription Trips."
  • This page shows your subscription bookings. Click on "Set trip interruption. "
  • Under "Start date" put the first date that you would like your subscription trip(s) to temporarily stop. This will be the first day your subscription trip(s) stop.
  • Under "End date" put the last date you would like your subscription trip(s) to be stopped. This will be the last day your subscription trip(s) will be stopped.
  • Next, you can choose to interrupt or pause all your subscription trips by clicking "Interrupt all trips." For example, if you are on vacation and out of the city for two weeks, you will want to interrupt all you subscription trips for the duration of those two weeks.
  • If you are not interrupting all your trips, and only specific trips, select or unselect the trips as necessary. For example, if you are part of an adult day program on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the program is on break for 2 weeks, you will only want to interrupt the subscription trips for only the Monday and Wednesdays for the duration of those two weeks.
  • Once you have selected the trips you want, select a "Reason" then click "Add. "
  • The top of the page will then confirm that you have successfully booked your trip interruption.
  • You can add another trip interruption by clicking on "Add" at the bottom of the page.
  • To review your trip interruptions you can click on your name on the top left, then select "My Trip Interruptions" from the drop down menu.
  • You can also review your trip interruptions by clicking on "My Trips." A blue box at the stop of the screen will indicate that you currently have a planned trip interruption. Click on “see details” to review your trip interruptions.

To edit or delete your trip interruption:

  • To view your subscription trip interruptions, click on "My Trip Interruptions."
  • This page will show all your trip interruptions. Find the trip interruption you’d like to delete or edit.
  • Click "Edit" to edit the trip interruption.
  • To delete the trip interruption, click on "Delete." Click "Ok" to delete the trip interruption.
  • Please note, you are unable to edit or delete your trip interruption within 4 days of the first day interrupted. If you need to restore these trips, please book them manually.