Plan Ahead

Have your route planned and be familiar with landmarks along the way. Use our Trip Planner feature on the website, or download the Calgary Transit App on your iPhone or Android device.

Please note that not all bus stops are accessible. If you are not sure if your stop is accessible, please contact 403-262-1000 for more information.

When you arrive at your bus stop, make sure that you are in an area that is clear from obstacles that may prevent easy movement.

Mobility Aid Dimensions

All of our buses can accommodate for a mobility aid of the following dimensions:

  • Length: 122 cm or 48 in
  • Width: 76.2 cm or 30 in

These dimensions include all accessories such as footrests, baskets, and trays. Certain mobility aids, such as four wheel scooters, may not fit because of their wider turning radius. Please ensure you check the dimensions prior to boarding.

Using the Ramp

If you need assistance boarding a bus, please ask the driver to lower the ramp if they have not already done so. The kneeling feature on our buses can benefit anyone who has difficulty getting on or off the bus, including those who:

  • Use a mobility aid such as: wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, crutches or canes
  • May not use a visible mobility aid, but who would benefit from using a ramp, including seniors, expectant mothers, or customers with strollers

Once the ramp is completely lowered, make your way up the ramp slowly. Some customers may need to move to one side of the ramp in order to make the turn at the farebox.


When you’re at the farebox, show your pass or transfer, or place your ticket or cash in the farebox. At this time, you can also tell the driver which bus stop you’d like to get off at. This allows the driver to pick the best location to deploy the ramp when you depart.


We have two designated spots at the front of our 40 and 60 foot buses, one on the left and one on the right side. For our shuttle buses, there is one area located is directly behind the driver’s seat. This designated area has priority seats that will pull up to allow more room, but may be used by other customers. In some cases you may have to ask them to move and lift the seats to make room for you.

If you are in a wheelchair or scooter, position yourself facing forward. If preferred, you can secure your device with the straps provided.


When you are close to your destination, let the driver know by pushing the stop strip or button, or by pulling the stop string. If the stop you’re getting off of is not accessible, please let the driver know so that they can drop you off in a safe and accessible location.  

Travel Training

If you need further assistance, we offer travel training. This is a one-on-one program designed to help you learn how to use Calgary Transit services safely and independently. Learn more here.