What is Access Calgary?

Access Calgary provides transportation services for Calgarians who may not always be able to use Calgary Transit buses and CTrains.

Access Calgary can only provide service to areas where Calgary Transit routes currently go. This means Access Calgary only services areas within 1km of Calgary Transit fixed-route stops. To see if you are within Calgary Transit's current service area please view our map or phone 403-262-1000.

Access Calgary is a public transportation service and should not be confused with private taxi, medical or emergency transportation.

We are responsible for determining eligibility of applicants for service and also for booking, scheduling and dispatching trips. Access Calgary delivers safe, responsive and courteous transportation services through strong partnerships with Calgary Handi-Bus, Southland Transportation and taxi companies. Service is provided on Calgary Handi-Bus and Southland Transportation buses, accessible taxis (retrofitted vans), sedans and minivans.

Access Calgary provides approximately over 1 million trips service to nearly 15,000 Calgarians with disabilities. 300 new customers are approved for Access Calgary services every month. Whether you ride in a Handi-Bus, Southland bus or taxi to your destination, Access Calgary ensures each trip you take is consistent with the high standards of safety and courtesy outlined in the organizationís operational policies. Access Calgary and the eligibility determination process creates a more equitable and integrated system; to meet customersí needs based on a range of accessible transportation services available in the community.

City of Calgary - Transportation Department - Calgary Transit
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