Calgary Transit has over 3,000 employees committed to providing safe, accessible, courteous public transportation services in response to the growing needs of our customers.

Most citizens don’t get a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes to provide the services that occur on a daily basis. There are many working parts to our organization and all divisions within the organization work together to get customers to their destination.

Here are the divisions that make up our team:

Director’s Office

The Director’s Office is responsible for the overall operation. This area provides support to various divisions to achieve our goals. This support includes financing and budgeting, communications, and administration support.

Transit Planning

This team is responsible for planning transit service and improving the customer experience.  The planning pieces include long-term planning, route planning, implementing new service into new communities, tracking ridership and identifying trends that impact transit use.  We improve the customer experience through our Customer Commitment and satisfaction measurement. 

Service Design

Once routes are planned, service design ensures there is adequate service on each route to meet the needs of our customers. They also look after the customer service centres and the call centre - both are key pieces to helping you get to where you want to go.


This team provides support to bus and CTrain Operators to ensure they are informed of current road conditions, detours and accidents that might impact their schedules.

Transit Fleet

In order to provide Calgarians with transit service we need to ensure our fleet is well maintained, clean and running each day. This team looks after all the vehicles we have today.


Working closely with contracted service providers, Access provides services for people with disabilities who cannot use regular transit.  

Safety and Security

This team is made up of Peace Officers, training officers, recruitment and HR staff as well as employees looking after environmental management. Ensuring that our system is safe not only includes Peace Officers on the transit system but also ensuring we recruit and train Operators to get you to your destination safely.


Cleaning and maintaining all of our facilities including CTrain stations, bus terminals, and Park and Ride lots is taken care of by this team. This group also looks after project management for the various infrastructure projects, including platform extensions and station renovations.