In 2016 we completed a major review of some northwest and inner city bus routes and implemented new changes on September 5, 2016. Throughout February and March 2016 we shared new bus route proposals online and at open houses, and collected feedback from thousands of transit users and community stakeholders. We incorporated public feedback as much as possible in designing the new routes. Click here for a comprehensive guide to the new bus routes.

The goal of the 2016 Transit Service Review was to modify some existing bus routes to provide more efficient and effective service. The modified routes should be more direct, frequent, and easier to understand.

Five considerations were taken into account with new proposed routes:

  1. Avoid duplication of service along a road or corridor.
  2. Provide higher frequency service (buses come more often).
  3. Create more direct routes.
  4. Provide longer hours of service in the evenings and weekends.
  5. Make transit more efficient by spending less and providing better service.

This diagram shows what we take into account when planning an efficient transit network.

Which routes changed?

  • – North Pointe / Brentwood
  • – Varsity Acres / Bridgeland
  • 10 – Home Road / Southcentre
  • 22/122 – Dalhousie / Varsity
  • 37/137 – Northwest Loop
  • 43/143 – Northwest Loop
  • 145 – Northland
  • 404 – North Hill
  • 405 – Hillhurst / Brentwood
  • 407 – Greenwood / Brentwood
  • 412 – Westgate / Beltline
  • 419 – Parkhill / Foothills

Overview of public feedback

Throughout February and March 2016 we offered the following opportunities for the public to review the proposed changes and give us feedback.

  • An online feedback form was available from February 17 to March 16.
  • Two consultation sessions were held with community representatives on February 8 and 11.
  • Five open houses were held between February 22 and March 11.
  • Six pop-up information sessions were held at CTrain stations between February 23 and March 3.
  • An information session was held at the University of Calgary on March 7 and at SAIT on March 14.
  • Five engagement meetings with seniors were held between March 11 and 17.

Verbatim comments from public feedback have been compiled for each bus route. The feedback was collected at engagement sessions and online. No edits have been made to the comments.

What we heard:  Final report on public feedback
Overall project general comments: From the online and engagement sessions
Network maps:
Network Existing Proposed Comments
NW loops Existing    

Proposed new routes:
These are the new routes we initially proposed. After consultation with our customers, many of these routes changed.  View the final routes here.

Route 8 North Pointe – Brentwood Existing Proposed Comments
Route 9 Dalhousie – Sunnyside Existing Proposed Comments
Route 10 City Hall – Southcentre Existing Proposed Comments
Route 31 Dalhousie – University   Proposed Comments
Routes 37/43/137/143 – Ranchlands, Silver Springs and Scenic Acres Existing:
37, 43, 137, 143
Option A
Option B
Route 122 Market Mall – Kerby Existing Proposed Comments
Route 405 Dalhousie – Hillhurst Existing Proposed Comments
Route 407 Brentwood – Greenwood Existing Proposed Comments
Route 412 Bow Trail Existing Proposed Comments
Route 419 Bridgeland – Parkhill Existing Proposed Comments
Route 422 Dalhousie &
Route 437 Varsity Estates
  Proposed Comments
Proposed to be discontinued:      
Route 145 Northland Existing   Comments
Route 404 North Hill Existing   Comments