During the public engagement phase of the 2016 Transit Service Review  we collected feedback and incorporated suggestions from thousands of Calgarians about the proposed bus routes. In the table below you can see the original routes, the initial bus route proposals, a summary of public feedback, and the final design of the new routes. 

Original Routes
(pre Service Review)
Initial proposal for new route Public
New Routes
Route 8 – North Pointe-Brentwood Proposed Verbatim
Route 8 – North Pointe-Brentwood
Route 9 – Dalhousie-Sunnyside Proposed Verbatim
Route 9 – Dalhousie-Foothills Medical Centre
Route 104 – Sunnyside-Foothills Medical Centre
Route 10 – City Hall-Southcentre Proposed Verbatim
Route 10 – City Hall-Southcentre
Route 31 – Dalhousie-University Proposed Verbatim
Route 31 – Dalhousie-University
Routes 37/137 and
Routes 43/143 –
Northwest Loop
Option A
Option B
Route 97 – South Ranchlands-Scenic Acres
Route 113 – North Ranchlands-Scenic Acres
Route 120 – North Silver Springs
Route 134 – South Silver Springs
Route 122 – Market Mall-Kerby Proposed Verbatim
Route 65 – Market Mall-Downtown West
Route 145 - Northland Proposed to be discontinued Verbatim
Route 405 – Dalhousie-Hillhurst Proposed Verbatim
Route 105 – Dalhousie-Lions Park
Route 404 – North Hill Proposed to be discontinued Verbatim
Route 404 – North Hill
Route 407 – Brentwood-Greenwood Proposed Verbatim
Route 53 – Brentwood-Greenwood
Route 412 – Bow Trail Proposed Verbatim
Route 412 – Bow Trail
Route 419 – Bridgeland-Parkhill Proposed Verbatim
Route 90 – Bridgeland-Sunalta
Route 449 – Eau Claire-Parkhill
Route 422 – Dalhousie
Route 437 – Varsity Estates
Proposed Verbatim
Route 422 – Dalhousie-Montgomery
Old network (all bus routes listed above) Proposed Verbatim  

How we designed the new bus routes
The routes were designed based on four principles that Transit Planners follow for creating an optimal transit network: reduce service duplication, increase the frequency of buses, make routes more direct, and extend transit service on evenings and weekends. All changes were achieved through making the bus routes more efficient – no new resources were added for these service improvements.
This diagram shows what we take into account when planning an efficient transit network.

Overview of public feedback
Throughout February and March 2016 we offered the following opportunities for the public to review the proposed changes and give us feedback.

  • An online feedback form was available from February 17 to March 16.
  • Two consultation sessions were held with community representatives on February 8 and 11.
  • Five open houses were held between February 22 and March 11.
  • Six pop-up information sessions were held at CTrain stations between February 23 and March 3.
  • An information session was held at the University of Calgary on March 7 and at SAIT on March 14.
  • Five engagement meetings with seniors were held between March 11 and 17.

Reports on public feedback and other project information